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A podcast for getting things done. Popular Mechanics Editors Roy Berendsohn and Jacqueline Detwiler answer listener questions and track down answers.
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Apr 15, 2016

Taxes are boring, but comedian and certified public accountant Greg Kyte
isn’t. On today’s Most Useful Podcast Ever, he gives us tax tips that
won’t make you fall asleep on your desk. After that, Alex George tells us
how to pimp your WiFi, Roy Berendsohn explains the particleboard family, and the Testing Table goes camping.

Apr 1, 2016

April Fools Special 

Mar 21, 2016

On this episode of the Most Useful Podcast Ever,  Austin Robey, founder of Brooklyn 3D-printing studio MakeMode, stops by to tell us who stands to benefit most from the 3D printing revolution. Then, associate editor Matt Goulet tries out four methods of peeling hardboiled eggs, senior home editor Roy Berendsohn tells us about the old song that made everyone confuse concrete and cement, and some of the staff members break their keyboards and try to find a better way to wake up. 

Mar 7, 2016
Most people breathe into their shoulders instead of into their chests, causing a host of physical problems and increasing stress. Clinical psychologist and breathing expert to law enforcement Belisa Vranich stops by the Most Useful Podcast Ever to give us a simple equation that makes it easier to breathe correctly. Then, on our testing table, Prohibition Distillery whiskeymaker Brian Facquet explains how (and whether) to age whiskey at home. And Senior Editor Roy Berendsohn stops by with a powertool that looks like a Greek monster.


Feb 19, 2016

With Apple’s battle over phone security in the news, the Most Useful Podcast Ever finds out how to keep your iPhone safe from criminals. Then, in honor of Popular Mechanics’ annual Survival issue, Shane Hobel of Mountain Scout Survival School stops by to teach us that there’s more than one way to start a fire, and we play a game of intra-office Survivor, in which executive editor Sean Manning does not fare well. 

Feb 6, 2016

Just in time for the big game, we invite Hill Country Market Barbecue pitmaster Ash Fulk into the Popular Mechanics workshop to teach us all about nachos. Then we test new Sam Adams nitro beers you can serve with those nachos, and learn the trick to optimizing your television for sports.

Jan 23, 2016

We talk to Bridgestone Winter Driving instructor Mark Cox, about Anti lock brakes, what to do if you're in a skid, and the difference between all those tires you see at the tire store. The we take a look at the best in from this years Outdoor Retailer Show. 

Jan 9, 2016

Now that there’s finally enough ice to go ice fishing, we asked Minnesota fishing guide Scott Merwin for tips on doing it right. We figure he’ll know: He managed to catch six fish while being interviewed. After that, Curious Idiot Kevin Dupzyk finds out the best way to share photos from his vacation to Cuba, and the Testing Table tries out easy ways to to hard things.